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Zuma claims Zondo commission isn’t being truthful about inefficiencies, using him as ‘scapegoat’

Former president Jacob Zuma

Former president Jacob Zuma

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  • On Thursday, the Constitutional Court heard an
    application for Zuma to be found guilty of contempt of court and jailed for two
  • Advocate Tembeka Ngcukaitobi, on behalf of the
    state capture commission, called for Zuma to be jailed for two years.
  • Zuma said he believes he is being used as a

Former president Jacob Zuma, through his
foundation, released a scathing statement on the Constitutional Court case
aimed at finding him in contempt of a court order to appear before the Zondo
commission of inquiry.

Zuma is accused of repeatedly defying an inquiry
summons for his appearance, walking out of the commission on 19 November 2020,
and making false corruption claims against the judiciary.

On Thursday, Zuma said he believed “it is a
travesty of justice to observe how the Constitutional Court has allowed itself
to be abused in this manner and the repeated warnings I have made in this
regard continue to go unheard simply because they emanate from me”.

“The truth is that the commission approached
the Constitutional Court directly to compel me to appear on the grounds that
[it] was running out of time and that approaching a lower court, as is the
correct legal procedure, would have caused delays that would have affected the
timelines around which the commission needed to finish its work,” Zuma

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commission’s legal costs, says lawyer

On Thursday, the Constitutional Court heard an
application for Zuma to be found guilty of contempt of court and jailed for two
years. The application follows Zuma’s defiance of a Constitutional Court order
instructing him to give evidence before the judicial commission of inquiry into
state capture, chaired by Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo.

He said: 

Ordinarily and if I had faith that a South African court would consider my submissions, I would present them to the Constitutional Court. However, my experience is that many South African judges, including those of the Constitutional Court, can no longer bring an open mind to cases involving me as they have done in awarding legal costs against me in a case I had not participated in.

He said he believed he was being used as a

“The commission has never been truthful about
its own inefficiencies that include hiring expensive premises with extravagant
extras and overstaffing with expensive investigators and legal personnel that
caused the costs of the commission to grossly exceed its initial allocated

“In an attempt to cover up these inefficiencies
and wasteful expenditure, the commission sought to scapegoat me by asking the
Constitutional Court to encroach (on) my constitutional rights,” he said.

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On Thursday, advocate Tembeka Ngcukaitobi, on
behalf of the state capture commission, called for Zuma to be jailed for two
years. He said his defiance of a summons and a Constitutional Court order
threatened the country’s entire constitutional order.

He told the court Zuma was acting with malice and
should be punished for his actions with a punitive costs order and jail time.

“The utterances that Mr Zuma has made are
malicious utterances. He is also acting without any facts.

He said:

Mr Zuma completely disregards any evidence. He just launches an attack that is completely bereft of fact. Once you combine the malice and the untruthfulness, it becomes clear that a normal cost order is not sufficient.

Ngcukaitobi also said the court had heard many
contempt of court matters, but that none had come close to this case.

He said the court itself had “become the
target of Mr Zuma’s angry, threatening and, quite frankly, provocative

He also argued that Zuma had made public utterances
against the court and that “those utterances are unjustified, false and

“We would say, what you should take into
account here [is] to impose two years’ [imprisonment]’, which is a serious

‘Oppressive and unjust court’

He added that the court should consider Zuma’s
position as a former president, as well as his political standing and influence
in society.

“That weighs a great deal. You should also
take into account the forceful and public nature of his disobedience.”

Judgment was reserved in the matter.

Zuma, however, said he refused to be subjected to
an “oppressive and unjust court”.

He said: 

They can put my physical body behind prison doors; however, my spirit is free to speak against the injustice of the imprisonment. Our people – ordinary people – will gain their voice and when they do, not even the Constitutional Court will be spared the rigorous questions.

“All South Africans should be concerned about
the dangerous situation we are heading towards. The core principles about
separation of powers between the judiciary, legislature and the executive are
being gradually weakened. More concerning for me as a person who fought for
this democracy, is how the judiciary is now in the position where they are
beyond reproach and the judges in this country are continuously taking extra
powers to themselves to the detriment of legitimate democratic processes.

“I strongly agree with the public sentiment
that is starting to see the emergence of a judicial dictatorship in South
Africa,” he said.

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