Zimbabwe | Reskilling returning refugees

Zimbabwe | Reskilling returning refugees

The International Organization for Migration is trying to help migrant returnees get back on their feet in Zimbabwe. Courtesy of #DStv403

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  1. This is what is needed in south African to give a skills of farming to youth not protesting for free money

  2. eNCA Zimbabwean in South Africa are not refugees, how can they be refugees when they go home whenever they want to go home ?, Economical migrant is correct words to use

  3. Is difficult time now we are approaching 4th industrial revolution and seems like we are not ready yet only small sector will be leaved .technology is taking over country like Germany England jobs like farming retailers banks motor industries hotels petrol station all this jobs are no longer available most them are digital now self services . No physical labours needed any more world changing all the this companies have tax to the government and government pay social grant to people the world be ruled by capitalism .is seems government have government and anther political party they don’t have idea what is happening .the is no way government can create jobs from now . Even mining technology is taking over few people will do the job

  4. Unfortunately u guys need bosses.
    If you were capable and disciplined……..the world would be your heaven.

  5. Mugabe gave land to Zimbabweans most of them should leave the jobs from South Africa and return home we don’t have enough jobs here.

  6. I wish all Zimbabweans can learn from you and NOT give back your land to the oppressors.

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