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Zimbabwe embarks on mass vaccination rollout

HARARE – Zimbabwe’s COVID-19 vaccination drive is shifting up a gear. The government has embarked on a mass vaccine rollout.

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Police stations and some churches are serving as vaccination sites.

The country is currently in the grips of a third wave of the virus.

Zimbabwe’s Health Ministry is targeting 60 percent of its nearly 15 million people for vaccination, as soon as possible.

The country is administering doses mainly of the Chinese vaccines, Sinovac and Sinopharm.

Zimbabwe deputy health minister John Mangwiro said, “we have roped in private players so that they can help us in vaccination, we have roving teams around the country.”

“We go to churches, shopping centers even police stations are now being used  as vaccination centers because of the intensity of the wave, we have also established virtual hospitals these are hospitals manned by our rapid response teams.”

Public health activists are also worried about Zimbabweans’ attitude when it comes to COVID-19.

Public health activist Itai Rusike said, “the level of complacency and the poor enforcement of the level 4 restriction needs to be addressed if Zimbabwe is to defeat this raise in COVID-19 cases hospitalization and deaths. We also need as Zimbabweans to move away from the traditional way of mourning our dead and also the funeral gatherings because funeral gatherings have become our super-spreaders”.

Zimbabwe has recorded over 97,000 coronavirus cases in total, with 3,000 deaths.

Over 1.4 million people have received one dose of the vaccine while nearly 700,000 are fully vaccinated.

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