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Zambia launches campaign to tackle piracy of artistic works

LUSAKA, March 29 (Xinhua) — Stakeholders in Zambia on Monday launched a campaign to fight the pirating of artistic works in the country.

The National Arts Council of Zambia, a government agency that manages arts, in collaboration with law enforcement agencies and the creative industry, launched the anti-piracy campaign called Partners Against Piracy, which will focus on fighting the rampant rise of piracy worsened by the advent of the use of technology.

The campaign will focus on educating, and informing the public about the effects of piracy on the industry and the dangers of engaging in the vice.

Patrick Lungu, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism and Arts said the government was concerned with the high levels of piracy in the country.

“The knowledge industry is bleeding due to rampant piracy, which in its basic understanding is theft. Piracy does not just affect the artists, it affects their families, it affects local communities and businesses as well as our government’s ability to deliver on its mandate,” he said.

According to him, the advent of the digital era has made the vice become more prevalent.

Maanka Chipindi, Director of the National Arts Council of Zambia said the launch of the campaign was timely because piracy was a serious scourge that had implications on everyone.

The initiative, he said, gives stakeholders an opportunity to reflect on the negative impact of piracy.

National Association for Media Arts president Lottie Siame welcomed the initiative, saying it will enhance the collaboration of different segments of the industry to fight the scourge.

He said the creative industry had the potential to be a massive economic growth engine but he expressed concern that this was being threatened by piracy.

“The delivery of legal creative content is growing but it is unfortunate that this is being undermined by a surge in the sale of pirated movies,” he said.

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