Zambia in 8K [Africa]

Zambia in 8K [Africa]

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Watch the behind the scenes on all the gear we used on this trip on Adorama’s YouTube channel here:

Super thanks to Adorama for helping make this trip happen! We use a ton of their gear for our film projects, here’s a link to their website:

Definitely check out I Am Zambia as well! They were part of the group we worked with on this project! They are an incredible organization that empowers Zambian woman and creates amazing opportunities for so many!
Our friends at Influence trips made this all happen! They work with social media influencers to go on amazing experiences with their fans. This year we went to Zambia with them and our fans, next year will be going to Cambodia and we hope you can come with us. Find out all the details here:

Film/Cinematography by Teamsupertramp
Aerial Photography by Devin Graham and Zane O’Gwin
Video Edited by : Johnny Quintana
Sound Design by Dan Pugsley
Colored by Ryan Romanovitch

Filmed in 8K with the Red Monstro Camera. Aerial shots were done in 6K with the DJI Inspire 2.

The amazing music that they used can all be found on MusicBed:
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  1. Just a bunch of beautiful people with hearts of gold visiting and spreading love throughtout the gorgeous land of the Zambians, by the way, who are just simply beautiful, pure, genuine great people!
    May The Lord bless your work!
    Thank you for sharing this video with all of us out here!

  2. I just have to go with u guys..I don’t have an Instagram yet. Let me know what’s needed to go. Thank you for all that you do ❤️ jenn

  3. Beautiful video but I wish you didn’t only show the poor side of Zambia. 😒 you know we have people that live normal lives. and cities

  4. Top drawer talent team Supertramp! What a beautiful country & people!
    Let me know when you come to Vancouver BC Canada! PLEASE!
    Happy New Year 2020!🎇🥂🎉
    Sending positive vibes your way.
    Peace love dream’s!🇨🇦

  5. Watching this video from south A frican make s me wants to cry devinsupertramp,God bless you

  6. I’ve been watching your videos lately and you’ve earned a new subscriber. It’s amazing the type of love and passion that is put into your videos. You’re able to feel the atmosphere and emotions through the pictures and feel inspired and honored at the same time. It’s hard to come by people as talented as you and your crew members to make such amazing memories and experiences through video and scenery.

  7. My problems? does not exist anymore!
    Life changing and hope the video can tell so many how life is beautiful without any kind of money!
    Happiness is out there, with simples things!
    And for those that don’t believe in God! The video shows how God is Gorgeous and great a beautiful earth!
    And how happy the poor can be happy with no money! Awesome!
    Amem for everyone!

  8. stay in your hotels and cells and let those ppl alone You need help, not them . They have love, freedom and nature ppl in west are enslaved, disconected Leave them alone

  9. I am from Zimbabwe Victoria falls right at the boarder of Zambia ,, l Visit Zambia a lot ,, this video.made me happy

  10. I went to Zambia on a missions trip in April, 2017. Absolutely amazing experience. You hit the nail on the head when you said they have the happiness thing figured out. They are missing so many things that we take for granted, but they are happier than a vast majority of the people I have met stateside.

  11. Just beautiful work and such an amazing experience I can imagine. You can tell that their smiles and the laughter are/were truly genuine…

    Loved this piece, great documentation and storytelling…

  12. super video.Nice video brother. i like to invest in this country and looking for any gentleman from here please contact me thank you(Mr.MRB(MALAYSIA) – WHATSAPP +6163902985 super life life is super

  13. I live in Zambia and theirs a great divide between the poor and the rich I’ve been raised privilege moved around the world but their so many people suffering here it’s sad

  14. Always amazing to see what beautiful planet we live on and all the amazing places that have yet to be seen other than our own backyard. I like watching videos like these. It feels like I’m there, seeing how other people from other places live.

  15. Некоторые сцены этого видео почему то напоминают мне фар край 3.

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