Which used Toyota Hilux bakkie gives you the most bang for your buck?

2020 Toyota Hilux. Image: Calvin Fisher

2020 Toyota Hilux. Image: Calvin Fisher

 • Most bakkies are purchased as workhorse vehicles.
 • Amidst all the numbers, Mitsubishi’s management let slip that Ralliart was making a comeback.
 • And that means more exciting product and upgrades, for Mitsubishi brand fans, in future.
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For many people, a bakkie is purchased as a workhorse. It’s a tool of the trade, so to speak. This means that affordability is vital – and a new bakkie may prove to be somewhat unaffordable. However, the great news is that there are lots of superb second-hand bakkies on the market – and they’re not as expensive as you may think.

It is possible to acquire a bakkie for less than R100 000! An investigation into AutoTrader data provides a list of the ten lowest average priced single cab and double cab Toyota Hilux variants (including average year and mileage). 

Toyota Hilux

Toyota Hilux: 1390 units sold in October 2020

Why the Hilux, you may ask? It’s the top-selling new bakkie in South Africa (and indeed the top-selling vehicle irrespective of body type).

The history of the Toyota Hilux spans eight generations, during which this bakkie has earned an enviable reputation for being one of the world’s most trusted and reliable commercial vehicles. It has sold more than 19 million units globally, while it remains South Africa’s most popular bakkie – by far.

So, which used models exactly are up for grabs to South African customers?

We’ll kick off with single cabs first – since they’re almost always used as workhorses (recreational buyers are likely to opt for a double cab). When it comes to Hilux derivatives, it’s possible to secure a Hilux 2400 for a mere R95 450 (the average selling price). It would come with an average mileage of 348 250km and an average model year of 1988. It features a 2.4-litre overhead camshaft, carburettor-equipped petrol engine.

Toyota Hilux

2020 Toyota Hilux. Image: Calvin Fisher

Fancy a single cab with a lower mileage? The Toyota Hilux 2.0 – average selling price R169 995, average mileage 95 000km and average year model 2015 – fits the bill.

Hilux bakkie prices

Lowest priced single-cab Toyota Hilux bakkies

When it comes to double cabs, the most affordable used option is the Toyota Hilux 3.0D, which features an average selling price of just R89 945, an average mileage of 308 363km and an average year model of 1999. In contrast with the most affordable single cab, this particular Hilux is powered by a torquey three-litre diesel engine.

Want a double cab with half that mileage? The Toyota Hilux 2.7 – average selling price R262 625, average mileage 144 017km and average year model 2013 – should tick all your boxes. So, there you have it – whether affordability is paramount or you’re after an affordable bakkie that boasts a low mileage, too – the used bakkie market delivers.

Hilux bakkie prices

Lowest priced double-cab Toyota Hilux bakkies

AutoTrader, January 2021 to March 2021. 
AutoTrader is the largest digital automotive marketplace in South Africa and operates a marketplace at scale. As such, it serves as a barometer to provide unparalleled insight into car-buying patterns in South Africa. The data covers the period January to March 2021.

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