WATCH: Limerick motorists urged to get a grip as part of tyre safety campaign

AS part of National Tyre Safety Day, gardai will be out in force in Limerick checking tyres and educating motorists about tyre safety,

The day-long initiative, which is part of Irish Road Safety Week, aims to remind all road users to check their tyres to ensure they are roadworthy.

“As with any days of safety the objective is to make motorists aware of their safety and this includes that they check the tyres on their vehicles and motor cycles. There are 11 different offences for tyres alone,” said Sergeant Ber Leetch.

Extra Garda checkpoints have been set up in Limerick and across the country as part of the campaign which is being supported by the Road Safety Authority and and the Irish Tyre Industry Association.

Chief Superintendent Mick Hennebry from the Garda National Roads Policing Bureau says defective tyres pose a serious risk to all road users and that gardaí regularly deal with collisions in which people are killed or suffer serious life-changing injuries.

“Some of these collisions involve people driving with defective tyres. Such collisions can be avoided if you ensure your vehicle is roadworthy and you drive at a safe speed. Ensuring you have appropriate tyres on your car will make the roads safer for all road users,” he said.

Sam Waide, Chief Executive of the RSA, added: “Based on our analysis of Garda forensic road collision reports we estimate that defective tyres could be a contributory factor in as many one in ten fatal crashes annually, resulting in approximately 14 deaths each year. We are calling on motorists to ‘get a grip’ when it comes to tyre safety, don’t wait for your NCT to check if your tyres are roadworthy. Conduct a regular walk-around of your car and check your tyres. Check the tread depth, look for cuts, cracks, or bulges. Take your car to the local forecourt or ITIA dealer and check the pressure. If your vehicle’s tyres show signs of deterioration, you should have them replaced immediately.”

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