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WATCH | Leafy rescue: 2.5m black mamba found in a tree near Durban home

  • A black mamba was rescued from a treetop in Clermont earlier this month.
  • Snake catcher Nick Evans said the female snake was 2.5m long.
  • The snake was safely rescued and relocated away from residents.

Snake catcher Nick Evans got his hands dirty when he had to climb a tree to rescue a black mamba in Clermont, Durban, earlier this month.

He had to weave himself through a bevy of branches and leaves, so he could safely capture the 2.5m snake.

In a video he recorded of the capture, bystanders can be heard gasping as Evans manoeuvres his way up the tree.

A tricky rescue

“Catching a mamba up a tree is dangerous. They are very fast snakes. If you grab the tail, they could spin around; that is why I go straight for the head,” he told News24.

Although the video features one snake, two reptiles visited the area on the day.

One of the visitors was a brown house snake, which had an unfortunate fate. When Evans arrived, the snake was dead.

“I assume the residents must have beaten it to death out of fear. It was still quite fresh,” he said.

After catching the black mamba, Evans released it into an undisclosed area – a safe distance away from the area of its capture. 

It is mating season

He said getting calls about black mambas was a common occurrence in many parts of KwaZulu-Natal.

Evans anticipates more calls as their mating season is in the winter.

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