Travel Guide to Lesotho

Travel Guide to Lesotho

Travel Guide to Lesotho

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In this episode I take you to the the Sky Kingdom of Lesotho, the highest country in Africa. This country has the highest low point on earth.

The entire country is 1000 meters above sea level. It’s located about 7 hours drive south of Johannesburg and 5 hours west of Durban. For the next 72 hours I am going to be showing you what to see and do in Lesotho!

This is Semonkong the horse capital of Lesotho. It’s located in the central part of the country. Right now we are going to walk around the market and buy a typical beanie follow me. Follow me lets go shopping!

After a bit of a negotiating I got three for 100 Rand. The beanies are made out of wool and it’s the most traditional thing you can buy.

Welcome to Semonkong Lodge! If you’re looking to explore central Lesotho this is the place to stay. They have a restaurant, 25 rooms and they are very close to Maletsunyane Fall’s the highest single drop waterfall in the southern hemisphere. You can go pony trekking and explore Semonkong.

Next up we head to Maliba Lodge on the northern side of Lesotho. They have 6 chalets and 4 river chalets. A few different activities you can do in the area are horseback riding, village tour and a massage. They have heated floors, beds and wife.

We head out on horseback for a two hour trek in the mountains of Tsehlanyane National Park. After an incredible trek we head to the near by village of Hamadi to experience local life. At the local bar I tried some Lesotho beer which was bitter but traditional 🙂

Have you ever been to the Sky Kingdom of Lesotho? Leave a comment below if you’ve been or want to go!

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Travel Guide to Lesotho



  1. I wanna visit Lesotho and all southern African countries but I’m a little bit anxious person myself, I have heard about a lot of diseases etc.But one day I’ll come If I will defeat my anxiety!

  2. Great video! Try this ebook: A complete tourist guide to Africa all in one" It’s very informative

  3. My family and I just moved to Johannesburg. We can’t wait to travel to as many places as possible. Dreams do come true! I knew I would live somewhere in Africa one day and I plan to live in more places on this continent.

  4. When you travel up Maluti mountains there will be a river running parallel at the bottom of the mountains.its water is so crystal clear and clean and you can just drink the water. you can also see fish swimming in the river.

  5. I miss this place. just one thing it’s "Leso-T-o" you pronounced the ‘th’ a bit too literally.

  6. Thank you for doing this video – not many get a chance to see just how beautiful countries in Africa are so thank you David! I actually first saw you on the Faroe Islands video (OMG Faroe Islands is a gem) and then I watched this and was like wait he is now in the Kingdom of Lesotho??? It’s such a small country I’m curious as to how you landed on it! Great work!

  7. I like your video, specially the last part, when you was lived a little with the local people, with the soul of the country. Greetings from Colombia 🇨🇴

  8. How the white South Africans have exploited the native people of RSA and Lesotho… evident, isn’t it?!

  9. so many places you missed, I dont think you did my country any justice. I strongly suggest that you do a sequel here, I mean there is at least two tourist destinations per district in Lesotho.

  10. The title is quite misleading, aside from shameless marketing for two lodges how is thise a guide to lesotho?

  11. Those people are trying to make a living and you couldn’t even buy their products at full price? Shame

  12. The chalets looked nice and so did the wilderness surrounding the place. I was not too amused by the local bar.

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