Things You Didn't Know About LESOTHO

Things You Didn't Know About LESOTHO

Things You Didn’t Know About LESOTHO


  1. OMG please learn to pronounce the name of a country before you make a video. This is more than cringy!!!!! Please research oh my goodness I can’t!!! Kingdom in the sky!!! Please channel, be better. And pronounce the name of the king properly. You are not even trying to pronounce anything properly. It’s so insulting that you are mispronouncing everything. You can’t even blame your accent you were not bothered to look for the pronunciation.

  2. Iam proud to be a Mosotho,iam here in Silverspring here in the Mosotho oa Moshoeshoe ke Mokoena oa ha Nkopane oa Mathunya le Monaheng

  3. I am proud Mosotho. – I don’t recognize LESOTHO because our great king Moshoeshoe was forced there by the enemies for self defense and they stole his ORANGE FREE STATE. – The interior of South Africa belongs to all BASOTHO TRIBES. – BATSWANA – BAPEDI – BAVENDA – BATSONGA – KHOISAN. – MANDEBELE. – From CAPE TO MUSINA. – The EAST COAST BELONGS TO ZULUS AND XHOSAS. – That was before the Colonizers arrived in South Africa. – Lesotho is part of South Africa.- IT must be renamed : SOUTH FREE STATE !!! Your thoughts please !!

  4. Terrible pronunciation of the nation Lesotho. The narrator gathered nine minutes of information about Lesotho and forgot to gather how to try and pronounce Lesotho. It was so disturbing I could not finish watching the video. 👎

  5. I’m deeply pained by how you pronounce it. It is Lesóthó the tho has a high note and sounds like too or two.

  6. Kindly do your research on how countries are pronounced. As I Mosotho I got irritated all the times you mispronounced my country 🚮🚮 do better or don’t include us in your videos at all

  7. I couldn’t even get through the first 30 seconds of this video , I’m cringing at the pronunciation of Lesotho.

  8. I find it very disturbing and rude that you never bothered to check out how to pronounce Lesotho properly.

  9. Did she even try to reply to one of these comments relating to her mis-pronunciation and apologised? I mean out of all of the comments I saw I did not notice even a single response from her, I believe YouTubers read comments especially on the 1st day after the upload.

    This irritating it causes loss of concentration though she’s got a good content

  10. Lesotho==> Le-so-to. Otherwise, you keep annoying and make people lose concentration. Btw, being dumb about this continent makes it easier for you to call Lesotho one of the least known countries. I’m a Tanzanian and has known Lesotho for more than 3 decades. If not mistaken, Steve Kekana comes from there. Now, I can’t even finish watching this video. Your fault. Your credibility is almost down the tubes

  11. Thanks for the upload,I just hate how you pronounce the names. Should have done some more research on pronounceation

  12. Iam not going to waste my time watching the whole video,your pronunciation sucks to say the least.You have spoiled it by being too nosey and arrogant

  13. Lesotho, Botswana, Swaziland and Namibia have to reincorporated back into South Africa . We are weak in our smaller corners. Actually the whole of SADC region just have to unite into one country – The United States Of Southern Africa.
    If both India and China each has a population of over a billion people with one sitting president then what is stopping us to leapfrog towards strength and prosperity?
    Lots of love from South Africa

  14. Thanks for showing our country the way it is not that poor thing some people portray it as, work on your pronounced words like ‘tho’ -‘to’ and good luck

  15. At 3:02 the speaker says Lesotho is referred to as "The Kindom of the sky", it is actually called "The Kingdom in the sky".

  16. The way you pronounce our country just cringes me… Wouldn’t recommend this video to anyone 🚶🏿

  17. The pronunciation of the Name of the Country has spoiled an otherwise beautiful narration. Those of others who were born and bred in the country cringe each time you say Lesothough, Basothough, Sesothough. The last word is "tho" as in "to waik"

  18. It’s pronounced Li-Su-Two.. It’s irritating the way u pronounce it.. Not even gonna finish watching the video..

  19. How is she able to say Basotho but can’t say Lesotho. I don’t understand that can someone please balance me.

  20. I enjoyed this very much. It was informative, but I can’t not leave out that resounding comment: I really wish you’d asked for help with pronunciations. Other than that, thank you!

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