The Time When Zambia Tried To Go To Mars

The Time When Zambia Tried To Go To Mars

Edward Makuka Nkoloso of Zambia had dreams to land Zambians on moon and mars beating the US and USSR in the Space race. He did everything he could with his limited resources to make his dream a reality but could he fulfill his dreams? Spoiler – Nope.
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The Zambian Director of the National academy of science, Edward Makuka Nkoloso had big plans to land Zambians on the surface of the moon but for Mars, his plans were even more ambitious.
Makuka wanted to establish a Christian ministry to the presumed “primitive” Martians for which he was sending a spaceship containing a “specially trained” 17-year-old space-girl, two cats (also “specially trained”) and a missionary to Mars. He graciously warned the missionary to not force Christianity on the people of Mars if they didn’t want it. The participants of the program were called “Afronauts”, a term he coined himself.

To train the Afronauts, a makeshift facility was created where trainees would be rolled down a rough hill in a 200-liter oil drum to give them the feeling of weightless in both space travel and re-entry. In addition, they used a tire-swing to simulate weightlessness.
The rocket, named D-Kalu, was a drum-shaped vessel made of aluminum and copper, and according to Makuka, was “space-worthy”.

The planned launch date was set for the 24th of October in 1964, Independence Day, but it was purportedly denied permission due to being inappropriate.

Makuka went as far as asking the UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) for a grant of £7,000,000 in Zambian pounds to support his space program, a response to which he never got. It is also said he requested $1.9 billion from “private foreign sources”.


  1. I came back asked myself “how did I like this again?”

    Shortly I remembered “they was too much love making” 😂😂
    The Great Makuka I hope the Zambians don’t give up on His’ dream

  2. erm…. an inspiration that no dream is too big or a complete idiot that had a tenuous grip on reality and espoused pie in the sky thinking instead of realistic practical thinking and methods. i choose the latter

  3. March 2021 EDIT: writing part of the video is almost complete and if everything goes according to plan, the video should be uploaded within a month. Subscribe to the channel if you want to watch the longer version. Thanks.

    When I created this video, it was a part of a much longer video on Mars exploration that I couldn’t complete. That’s why this video only covers the basic facts without going deeper into the story. If you guys are interested, I can make a longer follow-up video on the Zambian space program. I’ll have to dip-up old newspapers/magazines in libraries, read books because not much info is available on the internet, so let me know if you guys are really interested.

    Meanwhile, you can watch other videos by me:

  4. As a fellow Zambian speaking…
    That guy ain’t no inspiration. He was one of those people we we were told to avoid becoming👀😂

  5. I’m sure all of you not a first time watching this. And so do I, this is fourth time I rewatch this, this video sooooo guddd.

  6. Bro, that dude is not only trying to beat bigger nations in going to space, but also he will be Christianizing Mars. (no religious offense meant).

  7. Zambia going to Mars 😂 😂 😂 lead by a clown called Makukoo 😂 😂 😂 these clowns can barely spell their own name 😂

  8. The biggest thing is they tried when u try something there is also a probablity to fail but the philosophy of Pakistan never tries never fails 😂😂

  9. If Makuka had the right training and resources. He would’ve been the first afronaut that could ever land in space in the efforts from seeing his dedication.

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