The seven destinations likely to feature on the holiday ‘green list’ this summer


A number of countries have said they will welcome vaccinated British arrivals this summer, but still have high case numbers. These include Cyprus, the Seychelles, Greece and Croatia. Turkey has said it will welcome British holidaymakers, regardless of vaccination status, but the case rate stands at 429.17 per 100,000.  

Spain, on the other hand, has reducing case numbers but – as with France, Portugal and Italy – the vaccination drive has been sluggish, making it unlikely that any of these countries will appear on the ‘green list’ on May 10 unless there is a severe uptick in vaccinations between now and then.

Other countries, including Bahrain, the Seychelles and the UAE are going strong with their vaccination drives.

Red list predictions

We already have a red list, so predicting which countries might appear on this is slightly easier. Arrivals from these countries must enter a mandatory 10-day quarantine, costing £1,750 (covering the prices of two tests).

Key red list destinations include South Africa, which welcomes around 430,000 Britons annually, Brazil (155,000), and Argentina (125,000). On April 2, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Philippines and Kenya were added to the red list. France, however, was spared.

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