The road to 2030: How the UK must prepare for an EV revolution

What will charging cost the consumer? Right now, charge costs vary wildly depending on where and how quickly you charge an EV in public.

Will businesses come to the UK to achieve clean air targets set elsewhere? Acting first to build a lead in knowledge and skills vital to have success.

Will the UK’s CO2 reduction targets make any difference to global pollution levels? Truly significant reductions in emissions depend on similarly green action from China and the US.

Are the UK’s clean air targets realistic and achievable? Both reducing existing emissions and removing greenhouse gases are critical if the gov’t’s ambitious targets are to be met.

Can the UK really be a leader in electrification? While we can’t compete with larger economies like China on scale, the UK can and does punch above its weight.

A counterpoint to the road to 2030: Our obsession with EVs risks smothering other solutions to reduce CO2 emissions

Where do we go from here?

Never in the annals of Autocar investigations has such an exhaustive document come up with so many open questions. The 2030 change to EVs (says one office wit) is tantamount to telling a population, only 10% of whom speak Chinese, that Mandarin will be the nation’s lingua franca in nine years’ time.

However, if you look at the bigger picture, our research has turned up many positives. First, car manufacturers are already showing not only that they can make the cars to do the 2030 job but also that they can make them desirable – a vital quality. Second, the technology is rapidly advancing to meet our ever more sophisticated needs: many pundits now say that by 2030, new battery technology will have greatly reduced our concerns about range, charging speed, weight, cost, ‘dirty’ manufacturing and battery degradation.

Car traction batteries may by then be playing a vehicle-to-grid role in storing renewable energy that is presently wasted. And we now know that the National Grid can provide the extra energy we will need: “This is bread and butter to us” was the reassuring quote.

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