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IRONY ... The profit principle of selling where goods are more profitable has robbed Namibia of development opportunities, trade analysts have said. Photo: Unsplash

ANALYST Claudio Capaleo says a country’s trade is supposed to lead to poverty reduction, and economic development, however, for Namibia, the benefits tend to be reaped more by foreign markets.

A picture taken in Maseru, on January 31, 2020, shows the flag of Lesotho outside the Parliament building.


LESOTHO has finalised a new tax treaty with Mauritius, alleying fears in the southern African nation that multinational corporations were dodging paying taxes through shell companies on the island.

According to the European police agency, seven companies were also investigated for attempting to trade in bivalves -- like clams and oysters -- unfit for human consumption. Photo: Europol


IN a joint operation spanning 72 countries, law enforcement agencies cracked down on the fraudulent food and drink trade, taking off the market thousands of tonnes of illegal consumables, ranging from horse meat to fake honey.

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