The History of Zambia

The History of Zambia

Thanks for watching my video about the history of Zambia. While I didn’t cover the whole history of the country I hope this gives people some insight into how Zambia became a nation and the people that make Zambia special!

I have been really curious to learn more about the modern history of Zambia but that is certainly up for debate since that is less than 20 years ago.

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Thank you for tuning in to watch this episode on how to speak Nyanja. I grew up in Zambia and have a love for the language.If you want to follow along make sure to pick up a copy of the Town Nyanja –

The first practical guide to Nyanja language as it’s actually spoken in modern, urban Zambia. For too long, visitors to the Zambian capital Lusaka have arrived with phrasebooks and dictionaries of traditional Nyanja, the kind spoken in Malawi and Eastern Province, only to find themselves laughed at or misunderstood. Zambians living in town today don’t speak that kind of Nyanja. Their language has evolved. This Nyanja isn’t ‘pure’, it isn’t standardised, and it’s only just beginning to be written down. But if you want to actually communicate with the people of Lusaka in their own language – on the street, on the bus, in the market or elsewhere – this is the Nyanja you need. The book includes an introduction to Nyanja sounds and grammar, over 300 useful everyday words and phrases, and A-Z Nyanja-English and English-Nyanja vocabulary.


  1. Nyanja is not chewa….chewa is a tribe and nyanja is just a language (Nyanja is like a chewa light they are basically the same language but nyanja is more of a street language so to say but there’s no person who’s tribe is nyanja)

  2. Oh! Correction that Congo flag (that’s Congo Brazzaville) is wrong it should be Congo drc🇨🇩

  3. loved this, im Zambian and my parents Lozi /Bemba. Thank u for telling our story without biases and stereotypes

  4. the Gods must be Crazy is a Comedy of a Khoisan’s fight against the Coca-Cola Bottle curse delivered to them by the Gods

  5. It wasnt KK and Dean who attmepted that Coup, it was a army general Nicknamed Caption Solo who masterminded that coup attempt

  6. I find it outrageous that till this very day Kenneth Kaunda is still hailed by many as the great liberator and all African "statesman". In fact he was an authoritarian, communist marauder.
    All Zambians regardless of race, religion, gender or culture should celebrate the day when this bigotted tyrant some blessed day passes away. Of course, I’m aware that’s not gonna happen. I can already see it. He’ll get a big state funeral and the masses who have no idea how much better their lives could have been without him will proudly mourn the passing of their "national hero". Thinking about it almost makes me vomit. 😠

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