The Ever-Modern Bean Stock Teardrop Camper: Perfect for Jack’s Outdoor Travels

In the spirit of Travel Month, I’m just going to keep doing what I do best and look to bring to light the most affordable and capable mobile homes around. As most know, the teardrop trailer is one of the best designs to achieve these features.

The teardrop camper you have before you is known as the Bean Stock, from none other than Bean Trailer. Never heard of Bean Trailer? Of course, you have. They’re that trailer manufacturer that’s been around for over thirty years now. Oh, and don’t forget, in that time they’ve grown to include a very solid community of Bean lovers. Why?

Well, a few of the construction features that Bean likes to take pride in include a one-piece molded exterior fiberglass shell, rot-proof composite walls, thick gelcoats, and an ever-modern interior. This team is so sure of their construction that they even include a lifetime warranty on each trailer.

As for the Bean Stock, the word “stock” tells you it’s the most simple, affordable, but also capable trailer this crew produces. It even includes a 15-inch (38 cm) ground clearance, is equipped with a spare tire mount, and the possibility for a roof rack and awning. All that’s just the first pages of this story.

The chassis for the Bean Stock is a powder-coated steel tube frame with pitch torsion axle, and fixed 8,000-pound (3,628-kilogram) jacks. Two rear stabilizer jacks, driver-side mounted spare tire, and 2-inch (5-centimeter) receiver and removable ball hitch are the more important features you’ll use.

The exterior is completed in the fashion I mentioned earlier, but there’s also a front storage rack, battery box, outdoor porch lights, and a very well-equipped kitchen, depending on your budget, as a ton of options are available to make your Stock anything but.

Standard electrical features will bring a power converter, shore power, 100-amp AGM battery, AC and USB wall plugs, and LED taillights. Anything else you may want, as I’m sure there is, will cost you extra.

Inside the classic teardrop construction, Bean really shows off what they’re known for. Aside from a 4-inch (10-centimeter) queen foam mattress, owners will benefit from an interior that is full of storage options, includes a pass-through, and can even be equipped with a children’s bunk. Dimmable recessed lighting will help you set whatever mood you’re in for, while a 14-inch (35.5-centimeter) roof vent helps keep things fresh. Stain and abrasion-resistant wall coverings, and insulated ceiling make sure the interior is as homey as it can be.

Now for the fun stuff. Aside from the classic kitchen that includes just some basic storage features, other kitchen or galley options include more and more features as you reach the $2,500 mark for the most decked-out kitchen. For that cash you’ll have a rack-out two-burner stovetop, 18-gallon (68-liter) water tank, power coated cooler/fridge, filter and pump, and a sink with faucet. No need for me pointing out the countless storage again, is there?

As for the remaining features you can add, the sky seems to be the limit. You are given the option of expanding your camper’s versatility with everything from and instant water heater, solar shower, rock sliders, more storage space, and even a rooftop tent. What about a solar kit? Yeah, you can add that on too.

As it stands, the Bean Stock comes in at $17,990 (€15,159 at current exchange rates), but realistically, once you’re done adding a bunk bed, a solar kit, the biggest galley around, and a few other comfort features like an awning and roof rack, and I was looking at a trailer upwards of $23,000 (€19,380 at current exchange rates). Still, a camper worth considering if you’re to travel around your extended neighborhood.

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