Tackling corruption in South Africa

Tackling corruption in South Africa

Corruption Watch’s Sabeehah Motala argues that the law must be changed so that punishment also applies to those with power and influence, as it usually does to those who don’t. She joins us now to expand on this.


  1. CORRUPTION, the killer disease in South Africa. Covid 19 has just moved attention away. The king of corruption promised free tertiary education knowing that there was no money for it. He did it deliberately knowing his days as president was over. Sadly their are opposition politicians out there trying to use this to further their own selfish interests by totally confusing young minds.

  2. When are you people going to stop shoveling shit. It’s insulting. But that’s your job as a presenter to sell us citizens this shit this ANC is serving up to MSM .

  3. Tackling corruption in South Africa?
    Step 1 impose lengthy custodial sentences for corruption.
    Step 2 make financial means tests for every ANC NEC member and every ANC appointed cadre mandatory.
    Step 3.financially means testing every remaining member of parliament.
    Step 4 financial means tests for all members of the press.

    Or a simple solution get rid of the racist and unconstitutional BBEEE laws that were designed to corrupt SA in the first place

  4. The most unethical sphere of Government is local governments, financial discipline is not observed spending roundomly executed on things not planned and budgeted for.

  5. Hi Gary here – solution so simple , majority remove ANC = No corruption. When politicians , cronies , comrades , cadres no longer have the public purse to misuse then go after these corrupt SCUM!.Go after their money ,wealth , assets then jail.Same goes for their family , they benefitted from I’ll gotten gains.Let them live in shacks , squalor , poor , destitute , desperate. How dare these f…ckg politicians live such lavish lives.They r supposed to serve the people.

  6. Terrorism is the unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government or its citizens to further certain political or social objectives.

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