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State Capture Inquiry witness tells of R1.5m drop-off at ex-minister Mahlobo’s home

David Mahlobo. (Alet Pretorius, Gallo Images)

David Mahlobo. (Alet Pretorius, Gallo Images)

  • An unidentified witness says that she was allegedly instructed to drop off R1.5m at the residence of former Intelligence Minister, David Mahlobo.
  • The instruction allegedly came from former spy boss, Arthur Fraser.
  • The commission is dealing with SSA-related evidence.

An unidentified witness going by the pseudonym Dorothy has told the State Capture Commission that she was allegedly instructed to drop off R1.5m at the Cape Town residence of former Intelligence Minister David Mahlobo.

“I was deployed to Cape Town for the [State of the Nation Address] SONA event. During my deployment, I was instructed by Mr [Arthur] Fraser to receive a bag of money from one security employee of [State Security Agency] SSA and to take the same to Minister Mahlobo.

“I met the SSA member and collected the bag of money as instructed. I then handed the money to Mahlobo personally at his official residence. I cannot recall if he signed for it or not,” the witness told the commission on Friday.

The commission is dealing with SSA-related evidence, and at the time of this revelation, the witness was dealing with the allegation of a withdrawal for “SONA-related expenses”.

Evidence leader Advocate Paul Pretorius put to the witness: 

R1.5m was withdrawn in February 2017 allegedly for SONA-related expenses transported to Cape Town by an SSA member and handed to Dorothy [you], which you allegedly handed to Mahlobo.

The witness clarified that she did not know what the money was intended for and that she was deployed to Cape Town during that event.

Pretorius probed the witness on how she knew it was a bag of money. She replied: “Because I was told that he was bringing money.”

Chair of the Commission, deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo, asked if the witness got a chance to open the bag and see what was in it.

The witness, however, could not recall if she had done this or not.


Dorothy added that with the alleged hand-over to Mahlobo, she could not say that she was absolutely sure she handed over exactly R1.5m, but she is satisfied that she was handing over money.

She also could not recall if Mahlobo opened the bag or not.

Zondo asked the witness to repeat what Fraser had told her with respect to the task she was given.

“The conversation was that there would be money coming, I would receive a call, and I must take it to Minister Mahlobo. He [Fraser] wouldn’t have known who brought the money,” she explained.

The witness added that the instruction was verbal and that it happened in person.

READ | Former spy boss Arthur Fraser opens perjury case following spy revelations at Zondo commission

Fraser is the former spy boss at the agency, and he has opened cases of perjury against several witnesses who have appeared before the commission regarding the SSA. The inquiry continues.

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