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Spreading health messages through art

“No,” interjected a woman, holding a hoe after briefly abandoning weeding her maize field nearby. “Can’t you see the older person is wearing a mask, this is about COVID-19 prevention,” she said, adjusting her own mask.

“This is about children’s health, that’s why we have the child and the tape measures there,” chipped in another woman.

The murals act as collective thought spaces to create dialogue and raise awareness amongst mothers, caregivers, fathers and communities on promoting health messages including information on  promoting maternal neonatal and child health services and promoting male participation in family health.

In one image, a caregiver is seen measuring a child’s height. In another, caregivers  monitors the child using a Mid-Upper Arm Circumference (MUAC) tape to identify malnutrition. All adults in the mural are wearing masks as part of COVID-19 messaging.

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