Speed limit: Dad erects birdbox disguised as camera to slow down drivers

Fed up with speeding motorists racing past the front of his house, an inventive dad came up with a solution that solved two problems.

A dad reduced dangerous driving on his street – by disguising a bird box as a speed camera.

Mike Wrathmall, 44, dreamt up the idea because of the number of cars that were speeding past his house.

He built the bird box from scrap wood, placed it on a grey pole and painted it yellow, The Sun reports.

And the small hole that a family of blue tits uses to get into the house is made to look like the camera lens.

Married dad-of-two Mike, of Billingham, County Durham in the UK, said: “I have noticed cars slowing down when they see it.

“We have people who just go over the speed limit a little bit and then we have people who zoom up and down

“One day someone’s going to have an accident and it will be a proper accident, the speeds that they go. Some people go double the speed of the road – which is a 30m/h (48km/h) limit.

“Residents have been trying to get something done for years but no one has done anything about it.

“I’m just concerned that there will be a crash one of these days.

“My wife says if it slows just one car down it will have been worth it.”

Putting up fake speed cameras is not illegal but is discouraged by police.

This article was originally published by The Sun and reproduced with permission

Originally published as Dad’s genius idea to slow down speeding motorists

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