South Africa in 4K

South Africa in 4K

Wild. Raw. Alive.

Road Trip around South Africa.
Locations | Panorama Route, Blyde Canyon, Kruger National Park, Port Elizabeth, Jeffreys Bay (J-Bay), Tsitsikamma National Park, Storms River, Plettenberg Bay, Route 62, Hermanus and Cape Town.

Music by:
“The Take” – Woods
“A Thousand Years” – David A. Molina

Watch it in 4K! 😉


  1. Hi Sergi,
    Could I possibly use this footage in a Music Video? I’ll give you full credit – please advise asap.

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  3. free market it’s only way to realise the dream South Africa along with public investment in our people working hand to hand with various organizations you are the new generation to realise that dream but as for seizing of business and the dividing rhetoric then it’s a dead dream we should build on our emerging middle class the working class along with the top one percent those at the top… I’m sorry saying this unrelated to the video but I felt I needed to Express my self especially after seeing the beauty.

  4. From Iraq I love South Africa may God bless them 🇮🇶 🇿🇦

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  6. Wonderful country
    I like it is the most beautiful country’s in the world
    love you south Africa 😘❤
    From the North Africa 🇩🇿 👍🏾👋🏻✌🏻

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  8. This is more of Western Cape, some sort of MP, Kruger national park, where are the townships in Joburg?

  9. Omgoodness is so beautiful. I am american and live in NY, we have nasty winter blizzards now, I hate the snow. My fiance lives in Cape Town SA and we can’t travel due to covid travel restriction, we got plabs to marry by end of this year in Vegas, hopefully it happens. He can’t trabel to the US or I can’t travel to SA, we are screwed up by covid, sucks. But I am really lookong forward to visit Cape Town. Thanks for awesome video.

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  11. Not remotely "around" South Africa. Shots of Cape Town, the Eastern Cape and a game park is not all South Africa has to offer. Nice shots of what you saw and great editing.

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  17. thank you for this amazing film. I have never seen more beautiful pictures in such a good quality. You really have an eye on natures’s beauty! However I saw so many comments complaining about the title. Is necessary to oversee the good side of something and to invest so much energy into something missing?

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  19. I’m currently living in the Netherlands, and I am seriously considering buying a condo or house in South Africa instead of Spain or Portugal like mainstream europeans. But I am seriously concerned about the safety aspect in SA, is it possible for a foreigner to acquire a firearms permit?

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