South Africa: Cape Town Beaches

South Africa: Cape Town Beaches

St James, Water’s Edge, Boulders, Oudekraal, Llandudno, Buffels Bay, Clifton 4th, Camps Bay and Blouberg beaches are featured in this video. Filming and editing by Robert Stephens.

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  5. Awesome. I miss home. The Strand and Gordon’s Bay beaches are magical and warmer on the Eastern Side cause Indian Ocean.

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  10. That sea is freezing cold..EVEN WALKING in the water makes ones feet hurt…..its about 13o max……

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  12. This is only about half the beaches. These are just those near the center of Town besides Blouberg beach. This is Eden.

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  18. Besides Boulders, you’ve missed most the of the false bay beaches (where the water’s warmer). Fish Hoek, Sea Forth, Muizenberg (Surfers Corner), Glencairn, St. James to name a few. Not that it matters at the moment, anyway.

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