Sometimes the simplest approach can keep you safe and promote road safety in SA

An accident scene

An accident scene

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• Road safety should be every road user’s concern.

• Several accidents took place over the recent Easter holidays.

• MasterDrive’s Eugene Herbert shares simple insights on how to be safe on SA roads.

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Over the recent Easter weekend, news of several motor vehicle accidents made headlines. Some of the cases were less severe, while others resulted in the vehicle being a complete write-off. In any instance, no one wishes ill on any driver and his vehicle to play victim to an accident.

With an eye on the future, we reached out to MasterDrive‘s managing director, Eugene Herbert, for an expert opinion on why some accidents occur when a driver is the only person on the road.

Herbert says that some drivers can often be misguided by their car’s abilities. Drivers of more expensive vehicles often believe that they can defy the laws of physics because their vehicles are fitted with the latest active and passive safety features.

He continues: “In some cases, drivers are not used to handling their vehicle’s power. In some instances, more than double or possibly treble the amount they’ve ever experienced. As a result, reactions and responses are not equal to the task. Also, the temptation to ‘see what the car can do’ quickly overrides any season of logic (sanity). So by the time the driver realises that the vehicle is close to or on top of a hazard (another car or obstacle on the road), it’s too late.”

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What are some of your habits to keep yourself, your passengers, and other road users safe on SA roads? Email us with your thoughts or use the comment section below.


An accident scene

Respect the rules of the road

Herbert adds that the simplest way of avoiding an accident is to abide by the road rules, but highlights the importance of perhaps signing up for High-Performance driver training, not just Advanced training.

He concludes: “Respect the car and its potential to become a lethal weapon. This almost predicates that the driver should be trained – in a safe environment – on how to handle their car and understand its limitations). 

“In the case of a supercar, a typical driver will not begin to comprehend such a car’s shear dynamics; unless they’ve had some ‘racing experience’. Even as a very competent driver, I would need some time to get used to a ‘supercar’ before beginning (note beginning) to explore its capabilities. It should be obligatory that anyone driving this type of car has specialised high-performance driver training – not just advanced.”

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