SNL’s ‘Asian Cast Member’ Bowen Yang Sounds Off on Anti-Asian Racism

Two years ago, Saturday Night Live added Bowen Yang as its first ever cast member of East Asian descent. The comedian has been a vital and hilarious part of the show ever since, but on “Weekend Update” this week, he demonstrated why it really matters that he’s there.

“Across the country, rallies are being held to condemn the rise of anti-Asian hate crimes,” Colin Jost told viewers. “Here to share resources on how you can help is Asian cast member Bowen Yang.”

As those words appeared below him on the screen, Yang asked, “Is that my official title, Asian Cast Member?” When Jost reminded him that that’s the introduction he requested, Yang joked, “Yeah, I set your ass up, it feels good.”

“So things for Asians in this country have been really bleak for the past two weeks… and all the weeks before that since forever,” Yang added. “But there’s a lot of work to do and I found some posts online with action items that everyone can take to help.” With that, he shared very specific memes like “Six Ways to Check in on Your AAPI Friends and Tell Them They’re So Hot” and “Call your senators and demand that they know about the lesbian characters in Sailor Moon!”

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