Snake under car bonnet: QLD woman’s reaction to huge python

Living in Australia comes with its perks, like driving around with a huntsman in your car.

But if you think that’s scary, a woman was warned about a massive snake hiding in the bonnet of her car.

Someone had kindly plastered four notes all over her vehicle which read: ”SNAKE 2m under your car in around engine.”

At first, the Queensland woman from Currimundi, on the Sunshine Coast, thought it was a “sick” prank. Unfortunately it wasn’t.

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Even the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers team admitted it’s not something you want to wake up to in the morning.

“She called us after finding notes all over her car. She obviously panicked and wasn’t sure if it was a mean prank,” snake catcher Stuart McKenzie told

“But the fact that there was four to five notes seemed it was realistic.”

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Mr McKenzie said he quickly found a 2m Coastal Carpet Python curled up under the bonnet.

“He was thankfully sitting on top of the engine,” Mr McKenzie said, adding that it took him just 30 seconds to remove the snake.

He then showed it off to the crowd of people who were watching in awe.

In a video he shared to Facebook, he can then be seen placing the snake into a bag to relocate it to bushland out of harm’s way.

But it’s not always such a smooth, quick process. Mr McKenzie said it can take up to 20 minutes to rescue a snake, depending on where its lurking.

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Earlier this month, he got another call from a woman who was driving at 110km/h on a freeway only to be greeted with a brown snake escaping from the bonnet of her car and onto the windscreen.

Yeah, no thanks.

The owner of Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers said it took him longer to rescue that snake as it was hiding deep inside the engine.

He explained that he often gets calls about snakes in the Currimundi area, near Caloundra.

“We catch a few snakes along that stretch. It’s along the beach and there is bushland along dunes with a massive national park on the other side of the houses.”

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