SMC shares details regarding Aerocity project in Bulacan

Recently, the San Miguel Corporation (SMC) got people talking after sharing details of its upcoming airport and Aerocity projects in Bulacan. The latter sounds like it has a lot going for it so far, including one of the country’s top urban planners in Felino ‘Jun’ Palafox Jr.

According to Palafox, the SMC Aerocity will set the tone for the future of green and sustainable cities in the Philippines.

One of the project’s most promising propositions is a bicycle highway that will be connected to the Aerocity’s train system. Besides this, its waterfront area will feature walkways and promenade areas.

Palafox also says the outcome will be a “healthy city” that will be both “walkable and attractive” and will not feature many walls. That last quality, he added, will lessen the need for security, as Palafox believes walled cities encourage crime and have a negative impact on a city’s ventilation.

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Speaking of ventilation, Palafox claims the Aerocity will feature plenty of open space, saying such areas will be considered the “lungs” of the city.  Palafox stressed that Metro Manila went from “green to gridlock” because such spaces were reclassified to build on and became less common as the capital’s population grew.

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And lastly, another urban problem SMC hopes to address is flooding.

“Specifically, we will clean up the environment, clear the river systems to enable water to flow freely again, and address flooding; we will establish mangrove forests, with some 190,000 mangroves all over Bulacan and neighboring provinces to enhance biodiversity and help mitigate tidal flooding,” Palafox said.

“We’re also looking to develop and enhance natural habitats of marine and bird species. There’s so much more we can do,” he added.

These are some pretty lofty goals, but one which, with the right backing, can be accomplished. Thing SMC and Palafox are up to the task here? Let us know in the comments.

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