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SimWorks Studios Okavango Delta for MSFS Approaching Release – FSElite

Adventure seekers and safari lovers rejoice. Taking to Facebook, scenery developer SimWorks Studios has recently announced that their extensive rendition of the Okavango Delta for MSFS is quickly approaching release.

Located in Botswana’s northwestern region, the Okavango Delta, also known as the Okavango Grasslands, is one of Earth’s prime wildlife spotting and safari locations. In addition to being considered one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Africa, the Okavango Delta has also been officially recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site. It is home to many, increasingly rare, wild animal species, including giraffes, blue wildebeests, plains zebras, and African wild dogs, to name but just a few.


Taking to their official Facebook channel, scenery developmentteam SimWorks Studios has indicated that, following an unsuccessful release on the 28th of February due to recent updates to the MSFS platform, the scenery is now getting close and that a release is set for April 3rd. In addition to providing information on the release, the developer has also published the official trailer for the project, showing anticipating users what they can expect upon release.

As detailed in earlier posts, the developer claims that the scenery will feature more than 9’000 square-kilometers of scenery and will come included with 9 detailed airstrips, 6 helipads, and 12’000 hand-placed animals throughout the delta. The scenery will also feature 2 complimentary bush-trips set to take you around the area and allow you to take in the sights at your own pace.  

As always, we will keep you updated on when this project has been released. In the meantime, if you desire more information on the project or if the trailer is not enough and you require more previews, then feel free to head over to SimWorks Studios’ official Facebook page and have a scroll through their recent posts. 


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