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A panel of automotive industry experts will debate and explore the topic of the the transition to electric cars in a free-to-join webinar on Wed 19th May, 

With electric car sales increasing by 50% between 2019 and 2020, this year is set to be a tipping point for the uptake of electric cars – especially in light of the UK government’s legislation to end the sale of solely petrol and diesel-powered cars from 2030, with all new cars required to be all-electric from 2035.

The in-depth ‘Under The Bonnet’ event – held in association with AutomotiveEV, Leaders LIVE and leading automotive engineering firm Bosch – will go under the skin of the latest breed of electric cars to examine the technology that drives the them, and how the move to electric motoring is transforming the way we travel.

After a showcase of the latest Bosch EV technology, including some exciting new developments that will drive the electric cars of the future, a hand-picked panel of automotive experts will discuss the wider issues surrounding electromobility – from powertrain and battery technology, through charging infrastructure, to government policy and industry initiatives for making the electric switch.

Alongside Autocar editor-at-large Matt Prior will be senior Bosch electric powertrain experts Heiko Weller and Rajesh Darji, and Peter Wooding, CEO of Three6Zero and Chief Content Officer of AutomotiveEV. You will also get the chance to join the debate by asking your questions of the panel.

The Leaders LIVE ‘Under The Bonnet’ event is on Wed 19th May 2021 at 10am BST, and is open for anyone to join.

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