[PICS] SA pup tracked down at Paris airport after ‘forgotten’ in cargo hold

| South African pup Jack Sparrow has been reunited with his owners in France after an eventful Ethiopian Airlines flight from CPT.

A local family has reported a happy ending after their beloved dog, Jack Sparrow “went missing” after being put on an Ethiopian Airlines flight to Paris.

The pup was to be reunited with his owners who’d moved to France, after being cared for by their parents in Cape Town.

The family posted urgent appeals on social media to help track down Jack Sparrow when their son and his wife arrived at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris to find no sign of their dog.

It later emerged that he’d been forgotten on the plane with no food and water.

A day later the family posted: “Wonderful news guys. Jack has been found.”

The beloved pet had apparently been left in the cargo hold of the plane.

“I don’t fully buy into the story but Jack is in high spirits and my son will collect him first thing in the morning.”

“It seems the dog has been left behind in the plane. They forgot to unload him,” wrote a supervisor in the official report.

“This should not happen again.”

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : [PICS] SA pup tracked down at Paris airport after ‘forgotten’ in cargo hold

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