PHOTOS: Guests Walk Up Main Street U.S.A. Without Masks for First Time in 14 Months at Walt Disney World

For the first time since March 2020, guests are permitted to walk around Walt Disney World’s theme parks without a face covering, per a shocking late night change in rules that have stood at the Orlando theme parks since their July 2020 reopening. WDWNT reporters were on the scene at the Magic Kingdom today to be the first to bring you a look at this historic moment in time as Guests strolled down Main Street, U.S.A. without face coverings.


Although some Guests chose to retain their face coverings, a fair majority of visiting Guests had their masks either pulled down around their chin or removed entirely. Most chose the former, keeping their masks at the ready for whenever entry to a shop or attraction is required.


Signs remain in place on Walt Disney World trash cans informing Guests of the old requirements, presumably to be changed in the coming days.


With the abrupt and somewhat unexpected loosening of face covering rules yesterday evening, the above photos are a bit of a shock to those of us who visited the parks for months under the former regulations. Prior to yesterday, it was certainly expected that there would be more time between the announcement and execution of such a change, but here we are today.

Face coverings are still required within indoor settings as well as in queues both inside and out, so Guests are highly encouraged to keep their face masks handy throughout their visit to Walt Disney World.

Stay tuned to WDW News Today for the latest news surrounding COVID-19 measures at the Walt Disney World Resort.

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