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Opposition leader secretly gets Covid-19 vaccine

The Herald

Fungi Kwaramba

Political Editor

Some politicians in the opposition have Nicodemously received the Covid-19 vaccines even as they continue to discourage their supporters from getting the scientifically proven vaccines from China.

Yesterday, the President told reporters soon after being publicly vaccinated in Victoria Falls that he had heard that an opposition figure had secretly received the jabs.

“It is rumoured that some people from certain political persuasions have gone to certain embassies quietly to get vaccinated. As time goes, we will get to know them,” the President said.

Zimbabweans are currently being vaccinated using the Sinopharm and Sinovac vaccines secured from China, while the country is expecting delivery of more vaccines from India, Russia and the United Kingdom.

However, the MDC-A led by Mr Nelson Chamisa has been inventing conspiracy theories around the Chinese manufactured vaccines as they lean on the Government to get the antidotes from their handlers in the West.

In an interview with The Herald early this week, MDC-A spokesperson Ms Fadzayi Mahere said the opposition was doubtful of the efficacy of the vaccines, which are being used globally including in some Western nations.

“We have reservations around the efficacy and safety of the vaccines that have been rolled out thus far. Mr Chamisa will respond to a vaccination drive that is safe and good for the citizens,” said Ms Mahere.

Health experts, including the MDC-A own secretary for health Dr Henry Madzorera have been encouraging people to get vaccinated saying the available antidotes are effective.

Experts have repeatedly said inactivated Covid-19 Sinopharm vaccine coming into the country is the best vaccine for Zimbabwe as it will be able to react to the strains of the disease circulating in the country.

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