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One arrested after motorist attacked, beaten in Erasmia

  • Quick action by police led to the arrest of one of the men filmed beating a motorist up in Erasmia. 
  • Three men in a white BMW were filmed attacking the man in a black Mercedes Benz. 
  • Tshwane police said a firearm was also seized when the black vehicle was traced and spotted in Johannesburg. 

One person was arrested following a vicious attack on a motorist in Erasmia, Tshwane, on Monday. 

In the video, posted by Yusuf Abramjee, a person in a black vehicle seemingly tries to get away from the occupants of a white vehicle. 

The black vehicle mounts a pavement and skirts piles of bricks, and then hits a post. 

The occupants of the white vehicle get out and start kicking at the black vehicle and throw rocks and bricks at the car. 

Eventually, a man is filmed lying on the ground being kicked.

Other vehicles stop and people get out to see what is happening.

Police spokesperson Captain Mavela Masondo told News24 a shooting incident was reported to the police on Monday, linked to the video which is circulating. 

Shortly after the incident, a black vehicle was spotted further afield, in the Johannesburg CBD. 

One person was arrested and a firearm was recovered.

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“The motive behind this incident is still unknown,” said Masondo. 

Two other people are still at large. 

The victim was taken to a local hospital for medical treatment

A case of attempted murder was opened at Erasmia police station for further investigation.

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