North Lakes crash victim’s search for ’good Samaritan’

A woman battling stage 4 lung cancer is desperately searching for the good Samaritan who came to her aid following a horrific multi-vehicle car crash.

Kate Seaton issued a plea on a local community group and warned other drivers to slow down.

“My kids could have been orphaned, we have lost enough,” she said.

Ms Seaton sat in shock beside her written-off Mitsubishi Exceed, unknowingly with a fractured sternum, as a mystery man came to her aid on April 30.

Moments earlier her vehicle had been T-boned, spun out of control and collided with another vehicle before coming to rest against a traffic light at an intersection at North Lakes.

Ms Seaton had crawled out of the wreckage through the passenger side door.

She wants to thank the man, who she has since learnt worked for an electrical company, for his support and return waterproof jackets he provided her and another woman who was injured in the pile-up.

“I’m looking for the amazing electrician that stopped and allowed me to hold onto his arms while we waited for the ambulance,” Ms Seaton wrote in a post in search of the man.

“It was one of the most traumatising times of my life having had a family member die in a similar accident.

“I was so frightened. I were injured and he sat there the entire time until the ambulance got there and allowed me to grip his arm. I was just in fear and shock.”

The mystery man, aged in his 30s, remained by her side as the chaos ensued at the intersection of Diamond Jubilee Way and Endeavour Boulevard.

When rain started to pummel the area, he provided Kate and another lady, who was in an another vehicle that was struck during the accident, with waterproof jackets.

“He got his apprentice to provide me and another lady with a jacket which kept us dry and warm,” Ms Seaton NCA News Wire on Thursday.

The mother of two said she was not at fault and that thoughts of her late-husband’s grandmother dying in a similar crash flooded her mind.

“There was torrential rain about 10 minutes after the accident and I did not get wet,” she said.

“He sat there in the pouring rain comforting me in one of the worst moments of my life.”

Since posting the message, a relative of the other woman injured in the accident has reached out and forwarded details of the electrical company the man worked for.

“I am trying to find him and hopefully his company will know who he is,” Ms Seaton said.

Ms Seaton’s horrific accident came on top of her second battle with lung cancer.

“I am winning because a lot of my tumours have gone,” an upbeat Ms Seaton said.

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