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NOC President joins Special Olympics Zambia Independence Day festivities

NOCZ President Alfred Foloko, left, at the Special Olympics Zambia event ©NOCZ

National Olympic Committee of Zambia (NOCZ) President Alfred Foloko joined celebrations to commemorate Zambian Independence Day in capital city Lusaka.

Zambia celebrates Independence Day on October 24.

At an event in the city’s Kuku compound, Foloko was also joined by Special Olympics Zambia representatives as well as artists B-flow, Mark II and Wezi.

Boxer Catherine Phiri and sprinter Sydney Siame were also in attendance.

Siame won the 100 metres gold medal at the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games.

The event was organised by Special Olympics Zambia and more than 80 families with children with special needs were in attendance.

Zambian children taking place in the sporting activities ©NOCZ
Zambian children taking place in the sporting activities ©NOCZ

“It is good to spend the independence celebrations with differently abled children, these are special kids and need our support in encouraging them,” Foloko, who also leads the Zambia Judo Association, said.

“It is difficult for parents but they have to stay strong, it is not their fault but all that is needed is to support them.

“The community should not discriminate against them – they are special kids to the community.”

Zambia has taken part in every Summer Olympics since 1968, with the exception of 1976, which the nation boycotted in protest at the inclusion of New Zealand despite the All Blacks touring apartheid South Africa earlier in the year.

Two Zambian athletes have won Olympic medals. 

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