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A case in which a Thamaga man and his son are accused of raping a 10-year-old girl is at a stand still after state prosecutors told the court that there is no social welfare officer to assist with the investigations.

Though the incident is alleged to have occurred last year between 20-23 August, the police have not yet recorded any statement from the victim.

When updating the court about any progress made last week, Sub Inspector Libumbo Lebala said there was no progress as there was no social worker in Thamaga.

Magistrate Keabetswe Majuta advised him to seek assistance from social welfare officers from nearby villages such as Moshupa and Molepolole.

“We have also been informed that the victim is not in a good state to record statement,” Lebala added.

The girl’s step-grandfather, 59-year-old  Thepa Kgangyame and his son, Gideon Disele, 25, who is the girl’s uncle are alleged to have raped the Standard Two pupil in separate incidents.

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The victim is said to have reported to her mother after she returned from work in Ghanzi.

The mother later realised the matter was serious when she noticed her daughter having difficulty walking and further found bloodstains on her underwear when washing her clothes.

When given the chance to speak, Kgangyame claimed the result of the forensic test which nullified the case has long been released and he was wondering what investigations the prosecutor was talking about.

The magistrate explained to him that the case was leading to trial, and that he will have time to give evidence.

His son, Disele, also pleaded with the court to dismiss the case, noting that being self employed he always has to leave his business to attend court for the case which, he says, is a false accusation.

“The social worker should be called to explain. I think the child is also in a state that she can explain what happened to her,” said Disele.

“We are dealing with a minor and we need to be patient; I can’t call the social welfare officer. We are not there yet. You will be given a chance to scrutinize all things once investigations are completed,” explained Magistrate Majuta.

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Still maintaining his innocence, Disele further requested the court to at least give him a mini-trial where the investigating officer will be called, claiming the police made a mistake by registering the case without thorough investigations.

“My sister had issues with us about her plot and we only heard about this case when the issues arose,” concluded Disele.

The case has been scheduled for status hearing next month.

Meanwhile, the girl has been moved to a women’s shelter in Gaborone for her safety while her mother stays in a rented house in Thamaga.

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