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New business founder ‘over the moon’ after pandemic forced career switch


man who started a business with his wife after they both lost work due to the pandemic has said he is “over the moon” with his new career.

Job losses have been a common theme of the last 12 months, with coronavirus hitting a range of industries.

However, losing work proved to be the catalyst for some to launch their own business ventures.

Keenan Crowe (left) and Anat Lavi Crowe, the co-founders of Let’sDate Crate

Keenan Crowe lost his job in accounting and bookkeeping “the minute Boris Johnson announced the first lockdown”, while his wife’s work contract in events expired just weeks later.

“One day we were both in our careers, working, steady income – the next day we were in our living room in shock, staring at each other, no prospects, just having to reorient ourselves,” Mr Crowe told the PA news agency.

The pair have lived in London for around five years and been married for two – Mr Crowe is from South Africa while his wife Anat Lavi Crowe, from Israel grew up in Romania.

“I said to her: ‘Listen, now’s the time when you take this by the horns, let’s start a business.’

“With the pandemic happening and everyone being at home, as much as it kills some opportunities, it builds on other opportunities that would never have been there before.”

The pair created Let’sDate Crate, selling premium date night boxes full of activities and snacks for couples to use at home.

Having been trading for around four months they have sold more than 100 boxes, but it has not all been plain sailing.

“Me being a bookkeeper, I was quite shocked to find that our delivery expenses around London was actually one of our biggest costs,” said Mr Crowe.

“I think it’s going to be hitting quite a lot of small businesses, because now that everyone’s moved online there’s a lot more demand for courier companies.”

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