Netflix cancels Jamie Foxx’s Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!

Jamie Foxx in Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!

Jamie Foxx in Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!
Photo: Saeed Adyani/Netflix

Netflix, in its merciful benevolence, has finally granted the desperate, exclamation-point-capped pleas of Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! Which is to say that the streaming giant has pulled the plug on the single-season sitcom, which starred Genuine Movie Star and Certified Oscar Winner Jamie Foxx, returning to the TV comedy roots that helped jump-start his career. Per Deadline, the series was based on Foxx’s own relationship with his daughter, Corinne; both Foxxes produced on the series, which co-starred Kyla-Drew as the embarrassed daughter-proxy in question.

Netflix aired all eight of Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!’s extant episodes—which, we feel perversely motivated to note, are all named things like “#YeezysAndShrimp” and “#NipplesOrNuts”—back in April of 2021. Said episodes introduced the world to Brian Dixon, a perfectly relatable cosmetics company owner who just happens to look and sound a great deal like Certified Oscar Winner Jamie Foxx. (Not that Foxx confined himself to this single role; he also played a series of one-off characters with names like Rev. Sweet Tea and Cadillac Calvin.) The series co-starred sitcom royalty David Alan Grier as Foxx’s father, plus Porscha Coleman, Jonathan Kite, and Heather Hemmens.

News of the cancellation comes during a general trimming of Netflix’s schedule, which also saw it shuffle shows like Jupiter’s Legacy and Grand Army off the books. It also serves as a data point for the streamer’s ongoing issues with the family sitcom format; outside of a few hits like Full House and The Ranch, situation comedies about family life tend to have a pretty short shelf-life on the service, even when they’ve got Jamie Foxx throwing his considerable star-power at them. You can read our (not especially positive) review of Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!’s first (and now only) season right here.

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