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Namibia: “Namibia” Obtains Broadcast License

The Namibian communications regulator (clan) has approved Namibia’s application to operate a radio station in Windhoek.

Regulators announced the decision on Tuesday in a letter sent to Namibian editor Tangeni Amupadhi.

Namibia’s free press, the company that owns Namibia, applied for a commercial license earlier this year to start broadcasting on two frequencies in Windhoek (106.6 MHz, which is under consideration for transmission at 95.3 FM, or 500 watts). did.

Namibian is one of five other companies publicly announced by Clan in the Government Bulletin in April for applying for a broadcast license.

Among these five were the Namibian Media Academy, a subsidiary of Namibia Media Holdings, and Trustco, which owns the Informanté news platform.

The license assigned to Namibian allows the company to operate a radio station on a renewable basis for five years and a television station for 12 years.

Asked earlier this week what approval means for Namibian people, Ampady said, “Approval is a great help to our strategy of being a multimedia news and information organization.”

He added that the Namibian are already broadcasting through digital, primarily online technology.

“As consumer habits change, we wanted to serve the full range of our services wherever our viewers were. We couldn’t ignore the clan as a regulator. . “