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Namibia: Farmers paid for lion attacks

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WINDHOEK. – Namibia is seeking measures to improve the management of lions and has paid farmers who are affected by human-wildlife conflict, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism, Romeo Muyunda, said yesterday.

Muyunda said this in response to a lion incident in the northwest Kunene region in which 76 small stocks, consisting of 66 goats and 10 sheep belonging to one farmer, were attacked and killed.

“Accordingly, in line with the National Human-Wildlife Conflict Management Policy’s self-reliance scheme, the farmer will be paid N$40 000 (about US$2 759),” he said, noting that the amount is not necessary to pay for the value of the loss.

The policy for HWC management was put in place in 2009 and in 2018 the rates were revised and improved. The policy further allows the minister to adjust payments rates from time to time.

“The ministry sympathizes with the affected farmer and they will continue to engage farm owners and community members in implementing measures to manage and mitigate human-wildlife conflicts,” he said.

The ministry has commissioned the development of 10-year lion conservation and management strategy. – CGTN.

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