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Mabuza explains how expropriation forms part of govt’s land reform programme

  • Deputy President David Mabuza says the government will use expropriation without compensation to resolve land restitution claims.
  • In the interim, the government will continue to settle claims by paying for it.
  • The government will also use state-owned land for redistribution.

The government will use expropriation without compensation to resolve land restitution claims, Deputy President David Mabuza said when answering questions in the National Assembly on Wednesday.

“Expropriation without compensation is just one available tool that will be utilised in the land reform programme,” Mabuza said in response to a question from the EFF.

He said there are many such tools utilised by the government.

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“Some land is going to be purchased for redistribution,” he said.

“The land that is in question for expropriation is restitution land, because the land has been claimed by claimants.” He added:

“We are not going to wait until all legislative processes are in place before we can transfer land from those who own the land to the claimants.”

He added that Parliament was seized with amending Section 25 of the Constitution to allow expropriation without compensation and processing the Expropriation Bill.

“We are going to continue to settle claims, so there is no standstill in the process.”

He reminded the House that President Cyril Ramaphosa said land reform must be done in terms of the Constitution.

“You’ve got a duty as Parliament to stand up and hurry up the amendment to the Constitution,” he said.


Just the day before, the National Assembly unanimously agreed to again extend the deadline of the ad hoc committee amending Section 25 – this time to 21 May.

It was to allow the committee to hear oral representations from, among others, AfriForum and Black First Land First.

The committee lapsed last year after its work was hamstrung by the Covid-19 pandemic, but it was later re-established. Thereafter, its initial deadline was extended.

Mabuza also said the government will make state-owned land available for redistribution.

“Land that is in the hands of the state… we are going to give it to the people.”

He said this includes prime land in Cape Town, owned by the Department of Defence, which will be used for resettlement.

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