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Luvidao takes speech etiquette to Miss Namibia


PROLIFIC public speaker and poet Esperance Luvindao, has been made the official public speaking coach for Miss Namibia 2021 to ensure that contestants hold their own on stage and do not stumble over their own words.

Luvindao, who is also a medical doctor, runs the Speaker’s Globe under Luvindao Trading Enterprise which offers an 18-month-long public speaking programme that includes a Master Class on Public speaking.

“It’s an honour to work alongside you and the entire team Miss Namibia. The aim is to ensure that we raise the standard of the pageant through articulate speech and building confident orators.

“The curriculum tackles various aspects of public speaking, such confidence, content, catching your audience’s attention, speaking clearly, and carrying on despite interruptions,” Luvindao said recently.

She has taught the crème-de-la-crème of public speakers in Namibia including Sam Shivute, Margareth Gustavo and Ndapewa Shilongo.

Speaking to, Luvindao said it was a relentless and tiring training that lasted for two days but pointed out that it has exposed the ambitions of the Miss Namibia contestants.

“One of these beautiful women will be crowned Miss Namibia and every single one of them is deserving. It will also contribute to ensuring that in future we secure ourselves a spot on the international stage as Miss Universe or Miss World.

“Well, it is another few weeks before the pageant and we will ensure that we tackle every single aspect of public speaking. I am there to make sure every time these ladies open their mouths, they speak nothing but confidence and nothing but greatness. And we will ensure they set themselves apart every time they speak,” she said.

The Miss Namibia pageant aims to celebrate beauty with a charitable cause with the title-holder expected to bring charity to the less privileged, promote deserving social causes, serve as an example of purposeful living to the young, and bring honour and pride to the nation as a goodwill representative.

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