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Lucapa submits marketing proposal to Government of Lesotho

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Lucapa Diamond Company has submitted a diamond marketing proposal to the Government of the Kingdom of Lesotho, which is Lucapa’s 30% partners in the Mothae diamond mine.

With the sole objective of restarting operations at the Mothae diamond mine as soon as possible, ongoing employment of all our valued personnel and sustained contribution to the Basotho nation, Lucapa submitted a strong marketing proposal to the GoL that Lucapa believes underpins the future of the Mothae diamond mine, especially in these uncertain times.

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The commercial terms of the proposal are the subject of current interaction with the GoL and the key terms, which include an offtake arrangement, will be outlined in a separate update once finalised with the GoL.

Lucapa MD Stephen Wetherall comments:

“Lucapa is proud and very supportive foreign direct investors in Lesotho, where we have invested well over M500m in the last two years and with our Government partners created employment opportunities for many Basotho.

“The Mothae diamond mine is an important contributor to the Basotho nation and Lucapa’s strong marketing proposal, we believe, will see the full value of the Mothae kimberlite mine unlocked.”

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