Low Traffic Neighbourhoods to cause car congestion and anger residents warns Nick Freeman

He warns local councils are simply “kicking the can down the road” with schemes only “moving the traffic” to other areas. More low traffic neighbourhoods were introduced across many parts of the UK in 2020 in a bid to reduce the number of cars on the road.

It came as part of a new £250million emergency active travel fund to encourage the numbers of people walking and cycling.

However, the schemes were quick to anger local residents who complained the confusing road layouts were dividing communities.

Speaking to, Mr Freeman said: “They are going to block roads and make it really hard for [drivers] to come in with street calming measures.

“It’s going to cause huge frustration, it’s going to cause congestion and in my view it’s going to cause more pillion in different areas. They are kicking the can down the road.

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Horrendous Hackney Road Closure claimed journeys had taken “three times longer” as a result of the restrictions and suggested almost all locals were against the project.

The backlash from residents caused LTN schemes in Lewisham and Lee Green to be revised to reduce restrictions around areas with heavy traffic.

Mr Freeman added: “I think they are a really bad idea and I think they are being introduced without consultation.

“I don’t believe for one second they are going to change the motorist’s habits. People who drive do so because they need to drive.

Another 31 percent said they tended to agree LTN schemes should be introduced.

He added: “You have to balance what the motorist needs, what is necessary.

“The people who drive cars are largely the people who are keeping the economy afloat.

“People need to travel particularly at a time when we are under pressure to free up public transport.

“What this movement would say is well we want to get people off buses and trains and we want them to make them walk and cycle.

“Well, what world do they live in, when is that ever going to happen.”

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