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‘Let’s make our nation safe again’

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The Zanu PF Women’s League has urged Zimbabweans to play their part in the fight against Covid19 and get vaccinated to protect themselves and their loved ones from the pandemic.

The call comes as the nation is battling a third wave of the Covid-19 scourge.

Speaking after the meeting of the top leadership of the Women’s league drawn from all the country’s 10 provinces yesterday, Zanu PF Secretary for Women’s Affairs Cde Mable Chinomona called upon Zimbabweans to embrace vaccination.

“The Zanu PF Women’s league takes this opportunity to urge all Zimbabweans of appropriate age, to play their part in the fight and get vaccinated to protect themselves and their loved ones.

“It is now the duty of every Zimbabwean to get their jabs. For it is only when we are all safe, that the country can move forward.

“For Zimbabwe to continue on this admirable upward trend, we should all strive to stay alive. Let us not make it too easy for the virus to take our precious lives.

“We should play our part and ensure that we make the country safe again through vaccination, as well as continuous observation of all protocols laid down by health experts and authorities.

“Let us tirelessly sanitise our hands, wash them with soap and running water, practice physical distancing and wear our masks correctly always,” said Cde Chinomona.

Due to timeous response from President Mnangagwa Zimbabwe is a leading light in the region when it comes to vaccination of citizens against the Covid-19 virus.

“To date, using our own resources, and relying on His Excellency’s good relations with his peers, the country has procured over 5 million doses of vaccines, with more expected to arrive in the country in the coming weeks.

“As the Women’s league, we are grateful for this vaccination drive which ensures that the citizens, especially women and young adults, are protected and able to carry on with their lives within the confines of the new normal, which has been forced upon us by this raging pandemic,” she said.

Cee Chinomona commended President Mnangagwa for his generosity through his donation of party regalia in the form of cloth, which are being used to make face masks.

The masks she said will reach everyone across Zimbabwe and will go a long way in ensuring victory against the pandemic.

She urged Zimbabweans to heed President Mnangagwa’s call to adhere to the Covid-19 regulations.

The league also endorsed President Mnangagwa as the Zanu PF Presidential candidate in the 2023 harmonised election.

Meanwhile, the league dismissed the notion that Zanu PF is contemplating banning the wearing of mini-skirts and trousers by women.

Speaking at the same occasion the league’s Secretary for Administration Cde Monica Mutsvangwa said the Women’s League was formed by combat women during the prosecution of the liberation struggle to commence work for post-colonial women empowerment programmes and advancement in rights, status, opportunity and emancipation.

“Significant strides have been made by the Zanu PF Government to advance women’s rights                 through radical economic empowerment programmes to ensure that women are equal to men in all spheres be it economical, political and social.

“It is therefore ridiculous that a giant mass party formed and existing on the shoulders of an empowered Women’s League can be attributed to such trivia on dressing,” said Cde Mutsvangwa.

The league donated regalia for the Zanu PF female youth league members to sew trousers, mini-skirts and other forms of dressing in line with modern trends.

The youth league showcased some of the trousers and mini-skirts made from the regalia donated by the Women’s League.

Zanu PF Mashonaland East provincial Secretary for Indigenisation Cde Tatenda Mavetera commended the Women’s league’s gesture.

“We are very happy with the gesture taken by the league to give us regalia to saw our trousers and mini-skirts.

We are very happy with because of this liberalism.

“We have heard even our President showing that he is also a democratic President. This is something which was already there, which we are happy that at least the party has always embracing,” said Cde Mavetera.

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