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Lesotho government green-lights operations at Letšeng

Letšeng lesotho covid-19

Gem Diamonds has announced that, notwithstanding the general lockdown in Lesotho having been extended until 5 May 2020, the Government of Lesotho has permitted the re-opening of diamond mines in Lesotho, previously subjected to a lockdown order, subject to compliance with Covid-19 health and safety guidelines.

Accordingly, the Company’s Letšeng mine will re-open on Monday, 27 April 2020, in accordance with a phased ramp-up plan which is compliant with health and safety protocols formulated by health experts for the prevention of Covid-19 disease.

This plan also reflects the practical supply chain and market considerations arising from the continued lockdown in Lesotho, South Africa, Belgium and other relevant jurisdictions.

To date, there have been no reported instances of any Covid-19 positive test cases in Lesotho, at the Letšeng mine or any of the Company’s international operations.

Gem Diamonds’ key priority remains the safety of its employees, contractors and customers, and the Company has adopted a comprehensive Covid-19 management plan and will continue to ensure all relevant safety protocols relating to Covid-19 are adhered to.

Due to the travel and other restrictions, the Company has now concluded two successful flexible tender sale processes for Letšeng diamonds.   These will continue throughout this period. 

In addition, the Company continues to assess the full extent of the operational and financial impacts of the Covid-19 disease and updated 2020 guidance will be provided once this process is completed.

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For a full description of the steps taken regarding the prevention of the Covid-19 disease click here

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