Learn How To Plan A Vacation With The 3-Day Effect | Dr. Judith Boice

Vacation time is exciting, right?

If you’ve started the planning process, you’re probably jazzed about hanging out on the (overcrowded) beaches and eating at (overpriced) restaurants.

Then, you think of the endless list of things you have to do to plan a vacation — a year of loose ends to tie up in the next week.

And worst of all, you remember coming home from the last trip, bloated from overindulging in food and alcohol and bleary-eyed from lack of sleep, muttering to yourself, “I need a vacation to recover from my vacation!”

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How do you plan a vacation that actually focuses on your health, happiness, and creativity?

Consider the word itself: vacation. Vacating your life. Is that really what you want to do? Abandon your life in your quest for renewal?

I prefer the term “holiday” or “holy days.” 

In India, many families spend the “holidays” visiting temples and engaging in devotional activities and spiritual renewal. They use the break from their daily routine to restore their body, mind, and spirit.

Stop to imagine how you would like to feel after vacation.

Do you hope to feel more rested and energized after your time away? Do you want to return to your daily life and work with inspiration and renewed creativity? 

What is the “3-Day Effect” and how does it affect your vacation or holiday?

Cognitive neuroscientists David Strayer and Ruth Ann Atchley have discovered that spending time in wild places can have profound effects on creativity.

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