Lavish Brookeview Estate ~ Harare | Affluence | Rising New Rich Class | Gated Living | Zimbabwe

Lavish Brookeview Estate ~ Harare | Affluence | Rising New Rich Class | Gated Living | Zimbabwe

Lets take a tour of this new luxurious gated community in Harare Zimbabwe.

Brookeview is a gated community in the Hogerty Hill are of Harare. It is an up and coming neighborhood, where residents are building very beautiful houses. Let’s take a trip together and enjoy the scenery.

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  1. I am living in Belgium I dream one day I win lotto and buy myself such a beautiful pieceful place,coz with working can’t afford such price s

  2. $105,000 just for the land though 😭😭😭😭😭 guess its an acre, but wow its a stunning place

  3. If only people could paint their walls after spending so much money building such a huge house. And then maintain the area guys. Over grown grass on the roads and that makes a place so untidy no matter how nice a house is. Why can’t we maintain standards and have true beauty from the onset? I think in general we used to have good standards of cleanliness but we must keep up with the rest of the world. Tidy roads and tidy gardens make an area outstanding. It’s no good just having a nice house but a tip outside.

  4. One thing that bugs me is the lack of pavements in these neighbourhoods. But one day I will come and add some

  5. Never knew such a place existed. It does look serene but those Kasukuvere type homes wo, hey..😳😳. Some are OTT, very over the top but I guess each to their own.

  6. Fancy schmancy neighborhood. Ppl a bringing their A game building. Am really inspired. Thanx lots. U always make my day. Great video

  7. I think one way to appreciate Harmony’s work is with a little donation. I know he doesn’t ask for it, but I’m sure he will appreciate it

  8. The houses are absolutely stunning. I do however think that developers must include a service charge for ongoing maintenance, cutting grass etc. The tall grass and maize everywhere just ruins the place. Also as a gated community there must be an outer boundary wall with security, that will eliminate the need for homeowners to build their own walls. Look at gated communities in SA, USA etc, they are open and you see the architectural beauty. That said theres definitely money in Zim and those in the diaspora are missing out on serious opportunities

  9. Well thought video not other videos that have gone on steroids lately coping your content style.this surely has been a eye opener there are people building great houses I guess these are all millioners in that neighborhood.

  10. it will one of the best places in the coming future for sure – one of the places for a lot to consider

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