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Latest firefighting proportioner arrives in SA

The latest Generation III FireDos proportioners.

THE latest Generation III FireDos firefighting proportioner – a fire extinguishing device that uses water flow to mix extinguishing chemicals into water and deliver it at rates of up to 15 000ℓ/min to stationary extinguishing systems, has arrived in South Africa.

Described as a first on the African continent by Mike Feldon, MD of DoseTech Fire, FireDos agents in southern Africa, revealed that the two new Generation III proportioners are destined to provide advanced foam fire protection at a crude oil depot in Ladysmith in the KZN Midlands.

“FireDos in Germany have been designing and producing proportioners and a wide range of monitors and foam delivery systems since 1994, having supplied more than 13 000 units and hundreds of monitor systems worldwide over the past 27 years.

“The Generation III proportioner as the name suggests, is the latest incarnation of the breed and is designed to handle all foam types including replacements for the soon to be superseded fluorine, which while highly effective is considered toxic in certain circumstances.”

As with earlier examples of FireDos proportioners the Generation III is purely mechanically powered, driven by water flow and independent of electricity and independent power supplies.

The FireDos product concept allows operators to minimize risks and achieve a reduction in costs while enhancing the performance of an extinguishing system. The purely mechanical concept consists of a water motor and a high efficiency piston pump. Driven just by the water flow, no electricity and no backup power supply are required.

It is capable of handling all types of foam concentrates, even highly viscous, alcohol-resistant and fluorine-free foam agents. Thanks to the wide operating range, the proportioners are qualified for all types of extinguishing systems like sprinkler, deluge, wet and dry extinguishing systems. When used in monitor applications, foam can be applied up to 150m from the fire site.

A constant proportioning rate across a wide operating range guarantees safe proportioning and efficient firefighting in every situation. As the separate foam agent tank is unpressurised and can therefore be refilled whenever necessary, users benefit from unlimited fire-fighting time. The purely mechanical system provides a cost-efficient and eco-friendly proportioning rate testing, completely without foam.

The Generation III features a sturdier, rugged design for a long service life. Hydraulic optimisation reduces pressure losses by 25% compared to earlier generations while improved manufacturing precision of the cylinder cut-off valve improves suction capacity for the optimized delivery of high-viscous foam agents.

“Our relationship with FireDos goes back almost as long as we have been in business, which is more than 30 years” explained Feldon.

“During this time we have installed and maintained FireDos proportioners at many vulnerable sites in South Africa including oil depots, harbour installations and even the helideck at Cape Town’s Netcare Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital where the hospital’s comprehensive fire protection design included foam dosing technology, foam concentrate, water cannons, and a combination of deluge and pressure-reducing valves.

“The company’s helipad special risk fire protection project has received recognition as a new industry standard.

“The versatility of the FireDos proportioners has seen applications as diverse as tank farms, pump rooms, jetties, high rack warehouses and waste incineration plants.

“The world-wide environmental trend to recycling plastics presents yet another hazardous situation where intelligent fire solutions such as remote camera operated foam monitors can provide 24/7 365 day protection in storage situations, fed by the latest hi-tech foam proportioners” concluded Feldon.


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