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Kwekwe City on lockdown in Zimbabwe

HARARE – Zimbabwe is on high alert. The variant first discovered in India has led to the death of one person in the city of Kwekwe outside the capital Harare.

A strict lockdown and curfew have been implemented there following the outbreak.

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The mining city of Kwekwe in Zimbabwe and surrounding areas are under a two-week lockdown.

A 7 pm to 6 am curfew has also been implemented.

This is to stop the spread of the deadly B.1.617 variant, first detected in India.

The government says the new measures in the area are needed.

Deputy Health minister John Mangwiro said, “we need Kwekwe to be like that so that people do not spread it, also we need to make sure that those people in Kwekwe stay at home masking up.”

“Those at boarding schools should not visit home and the buses transporting people must be social distancing. The market places we want as few people as possible all bars night clubs gatherings church services all those gatherings are banned.”

However, civic society and public health activists say the government should have imposed travel restrictions on people coming from India.

Zimbabwe is getting closer to 39,000 coronavirus infections.

The country’s death toll is over 1,500. So far it has vaccinated 615,000 people.

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