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Holiday hopes are beginning to mount for Covid-weary Britons eagerly seeking a change of scenery. According to the latest report from the Global Travel Taskforce, international travel could resume as soon as May 17.

Domestic flight searches are also on the rise.

According to Skyscanner, the top 10 most searched for destinations this week are London, Manchester, Dubai, Tel Aviv, New York, Edinburgh, Bangkok, Belfast, Faro and Orland.

The Skyscanner experts also shared the cheapest month to book, for those keen to get plans in the diary.

The research shows the cheapest month to book a US holiday is in July, with an average price from the UK to US currently sitting at around £576.

Though holidaymakers may be optimistic about the future of travel, Skyscanner consumer rights expert Martin Nolan says low costs reflect ongoing “uncertainty” around restrictions.

He explained: “There is still a level of uncertainty around what travel will be possible in 2021, and that is keeping prices low for short-haul travel as capacity is not yet filled.

“It has also led to a fluctuation in prices for places like the US which has seen renewed interest from travellers following a successful start to its vaccine rollout.

“As the rules around travel from the UK become clearer, and airlines react by allocating planes to routes to serve demand, we expect to see attractive pricing being used by providers to compete for bookings.

“Competition between airlines and travel providers almost always benefits the traveller with better pricing and more choice.”

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